Dom Push (Domen Puš)

Is an actor, writer, and director currently based in Slovenia. He has written and directed several independent film projects, including a feature film, a documentary, short films, and music videos. He was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1997 and has started his career in 2017. He has studied in Slovenia and Denmark which has broadened his artistic horizon. He established his artistic team in 2019. During the making of Bruno in 2020, he also graduated from the Faculty of Administration in the field of Public Sector Governance and is currently in the process of obtaining a master’s degree. Upon meeting Blaž Lušin, he has also started making music, the result of which are several songs, each with a different style.

Haris Salešević

Is a video editor based in Slovenia. He has graduated from the Secondary School of Multimedia and Graphic Technology in Ljubljana, Slovenia. His work includes video editing and video effects on several projects such as the feature film Brez Izhoda (2019), The Monolith (2020), feature documentary Bruno (2021), The Monolith part 2 (2021). As a child, he had a lot of passion for making video projects, such as short films, animation, graphic design, etc. He started his editing career in 2019 when he edited the feature film Brez Izhoda with Domen Puš.

Blaž Lušin

Is a musician, composer, and sound designer based in Slovenia. He started his career as a DJ and was quite successful under the name DJ Spook. Later he found his passion in sound design for film and also started composing music for both films and other artists. His long years of working have given him an edge because of all the experience he has gained. He currently still works as a DJ and event organizer. After their collaboration on Brez Izhoda with Domen Puš, they started working together on a music album in which they both further their skills regarding music.