Domen Puš (Dom Push) started his acting career relatively early in 2011. He attended Barica Blenkuš Drama School for two years where he learned the basics of acting. In his time there he met Dario Varga with whom he collaborates to this day, and got cast in a short film titled HUDO! (AWESOME!) as one of the leads. In the second year he was a part of an untitled play.

Later on he focused on directing but still appeared in several projects like his role in Preblisk (Flashback) (2019) as Chief Inspector Petković and a cameo in Brez izhoda (No Way Out) (2019) as The Boss. Just before leaving for Denmark to attend The Copenhagen Film and Theatre School he also had a lead role in The Monolith (2020).

In 2020 he decided to go to an acting school which led him to KFTS or The Copenhagen Film and Theatre School. There he was trained in Meisner, Strasberg and Stanislavski technique and gained a better insight into acting as well as directing. In his time there he was involved in several school projects, such as the Rotator project, Measure for measure directed by Barry McKenna, The 4 Hour Show directed by Stuart Lynch, Are We Not One? directed by Stuart Lynch and an improvising showcase The Jungle. 

After his time there he returned to Slovenia, where he is working on his own projects and applying his newly gained knowledge. Most recently he reprized his lead role in The Monolith Part 2 and is continuing his training privately.